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How to Choose Your SAP Implementation Partners for S/4HANA Migration

Evaluating SAP implementation partners.


SAP S/4 HANA is one of the most technologically cutting-edge ERP systems available on the market, enabling enterprise organizations to operate seamlessly and leverage speed, context, and data accessibility. This ERP system is known for paving the way for future innovation and development. SAP is currently pushing its customers with end of life legacy systems to migrate to S/4HANA as early as possible.

Many companies will move to S/4HANA because of its ability to provide unparalleled access to information, its simplification of core processes that results in less maintenance, improved user experience, and freeing up human resources to focus back on innovative work.

To ensure that everything is done correctly and to make the most of both the migration process and the potential of this platform, working with an experienced partner is strongly advised. You must complete a thorough assessment of current SAP partners to support an implementation project’s success. They should possess in-depth knowledge of and experience working with SAP systems. Make a note of those who are conscious of the value of quality assurance, testing, and the use of test automation.

Working with the wrong partner can lead to subpar project delivery, higher up-front expenses, and change management issues. We've compiled a list of top consultants with teams of fully qualified and accredited IT professionals who can help ensure success with SAP S/4HANA implementation.

Evaluating SAP Implementation Partners

Selecting the correct SAP S/4HANA partner is crucial to fully utilize and benefit from your new platform. Many accredited consultants offer SAP implementation services, so the selection process can take a while.

You should focus on partners with the right approach for your organization by reviewing each partner's specific qualifications and getting a sense of their strategy. The following elements should be present in SAP implementation services:

  • Organizational change management
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • Software testing and test automation
  • Program management and governance

We've provided a list below of leading industry professionals qualified to oversee your SAP implementation. They provide the best chance of success for your organization’s digital transformation: 


DXC offers a broad range of SAP-based solutions to aid clients globally in improving their ability to react swiftly to market changes, streamline business processes, and reduce the disruption, risks, and expenses associated with SAP implementations. Regarding an overall focus on SAP S/4HANA services, DXC is a NelsonHall NEAT report "Leader" and offers a well-established approach to IT modernization.


Delaware and SAP have been working together for more than 15 years. Delaware has access to vital expertise at the SAP corporate headquarters. For instance, Delaware participated in the beta-partner program for SAP Leonardo, the company's newest system for digital innovation, which provides customers with software and microservices that let them take advantage of innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, blockchain, analytics, and big data. 


Capgemini has worked with SAP solutions for four decades and has served 1,800 clients globally. They are a frontrunner in SAP implementations worldwide. Along with being an SAP Global Platinum Reseller Partner, they are an SAP Global Strategic Services Partner.

You can easily overcome business and SAP implementation issues with their trusted and knowledgeable consulting services.


MyBrand was founded in 2004 and has offices in the Netherlands' Geertruidenberg, Apeldoorn, and Maarssen. It provides managed SAP services to businesses throughout central Europe. MyBrand has emerged as the most progressive SAP service provider in recent years. MyBrand is known for implementing effective SAP services to support digital transformations while keeping tight control of maintenance costs.


Sogeti provides effective end-to-end SAP S/4HANA implementation validation services and guarantees high-quality business processes that align with organizational needs. They have extensive experience working with clients to gain and maintain control over the quality of their end-to-end processes in complex application landscapes. They also guide streamlining testing procedures for SAP and non-SAP applications from a risk-based, commercial standpoint.


Expleo is a prominent global engineering, technology, and consulting service provider that works with enterprise organizations to help transform their operations, achieve operational excellence, and future-proof their business model. Expleo leverages its broad range of expertise in areas like AI engineering, digitalization, hyper-automation, cybersecurity, and data science to build complex products, optimize manufacturing processes, and ensure the quality of SAP S/4HANA implementations.


Quinso is a small, specialized consulting firm focusing on sustainable supply chain solutions. They transform not only supply chains but provide digital transformation consulting services for the entire SAP solution portfolio, which includes SAP S/4HANA implementation support. They’re also members of the international ORBIS family.

Copado Solutions for SAP Testing

Copado provides a revolutionary approach to delivering S/4HANA programs with better quality and reduced risk. With Copado, your project team can rely on a single source of truth. We’ve partnered with the above listed companies to offer a streamlined solution to test S/4HANA.

When using Copado Robotic Testing, the business process gets recorded by business users and becomes the foundation for process documentation, automated end-to-end regression testing, accelerated manual testing, and end-user training material to maximize the adoption of your new SAP S/4HANA system.

Features of Copado Robotic Testing for SAP include:

  • Test automation, test management, accelerated manual testing (UAT), business process documentation, and training materials with a single asset that stays in sync.
  • Intelligent reporting that provides in-depth insights into testing activities.
  • The ability to use recordings as training materials for new and current users.
  • Enables users to run/schedule test automation unattended on multiple virtual machines.
  • Run automated tests locally, as part of a batch, or integrated into a CI/CD process.
  • Integration ready for the most popular development and management tools available on the market.
  • Native support across 40+ non-SAP platforms.

Let Copado Be Your SAP Testing Solution

Choosing your SAP implementation partners can be tricky. However, choosing one that aligns with your business needs and incorporates quality assurance with automated testing will ensure the best results with SAP S/4HANA implementation.

Copado Robotic Testing integrates natively with SAP Solution Manager Test Suite and will extend your ability to automate SAP and non-SAP applications as part of your end-to-end testing strategy, resulting in faster documentation, software releases, and time and resources saved.