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How To Use Salesforce Employee Experience To Encourage Continuous Learning

Salesforce Employee Experience


In both traditional and hybrid workplaces, providing an outstanding employee experience (EX) has become increasingly difficult. But automated onboarding and self-help tools go a long way toward preventing typical HR and IT bottlenecks and increasing employee satisfaction rates.

Salesforce Employee Experience has automation capabilities to boost the overall employee engagement and help employees do their best work. We recommend using the Salesforce Employee Experience to encourage continuous learning by automating challenging tasks and providing quick solutions.

In this blog, we will show you how to advocate for your team's skill development and career growth by giving them access to innovative tools they need to make work easier and more productive. 

The Benefits of Continuous Learning

Let's start with the most obvious benefit of promoting continuous learning through the Salesforce Employee Experience. Simply said, if your employees succeed, so will your company. 

When employees have the skills they need to do their jobs, their performance and confidence improve. Continuous learning ensures that employees train in skills relevant to their position within the current job market. 

Offering opportunities for online learning will improve workplace efficiency and organization. When employees have consistent access to information, you can streamline internal procedures and make them more effective. As an additional benefit, continuous learning reduces employee turnover rates.

If you’re striving to establish company culture, continuous learning can make the process easier. Your workforce will become more cohesive and organized when granted access to standardized learning resources, branded company information, and value statements.

Using Salesforce EX to Encourage Continuous Learning

The best employee experiences center on advocating for employee skill development and career advancement. This requires providing employees with the tools they need to help them do their jobs more efficiently.

Salesforce tools will help keep employees engaged and informed  — and ensure they can access everything they need to be successful. You can easily create a culture of continuous learning that keeps your employees’ skills current, skills which can help your company overcome the challenges of fast-paced modern business.

These easy-to-use tools will help you encourage continuous learning and unlock your employees' hidden potential:


Employee Workspace

The Salesforce Employee Workspace provides your workforce with everything it needs to stay productive in one centralized hub. When using the Employee Workspace, you can create opportunities for teams to work together, bring apps and content into a single view, and tailor the workspace to integrate with low-code tools. 

Employee Concierge

The Employee Concierge service behaves similarly to a real concierge service. It answers requests and can bring answers directly to any employee. When employees need an answer, they no longer have to search multiple departments and documents to find it.  

Employee Concierge functions as an intelligent help desk, allowing employees to get answers quickly and stay productive throughout the day. It also provides employees with easy-to-use self-help channels, streamlines service requests across departments, and swiftly resolves requests using AI-powered recommendations.

IT Service Center

The Salesforce IT Service Center offers multi-channel technical support for all devices. Your IT team will gain access to a 360-degree view of employee technology by using AI-powered tools that drive resolutions. Employees can also use real-time device data to automate support procedures and resolve incidents faster.


Obstacles to Team Growth

Due to the great resignation, many companies are experiencing higher rates of employee turnover, talent scarcity, and employee disengagement. The result? Unmotivated teams. While this may create some barriers to team growth, business owners who make an effort to stand out from the crowd can build loyal, engaged teams.

When employees are questioning their motivations for clocking in and out every day, training is an ideal way to instill feelings of purpose and achievement. As a reward for offering opportunities to improve skills and increase their knowledge, employees become more engaged and loyal. They appreciate the opportunity to build their careers and gain skills that are valuable to their future — and your organization’s. 

Copado Solutions for the Salesforce Employee Experience

With access to the latest technology, it’s clear that there are several innovative ways to encourage continuous learning in the workplace. When everyone wants to compete for the best employee and customer experiences, using advanced tools will help you get ahead.

According to Forbes Insights Research, the majority of executives feel that improved EX results in better CX. This research also indicates that firms who place a high priority on EX see nearly double the revenue growth as companies that don't.

Knowledge and training push employees to achieve more and keep them engaged in the places they love to work. To thrive in today’s competitive market, you need to focus on not just customer experience, but also employee experience.