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The DevOps Enterprise Journal: Spring 2022 Issue

The DevOps Enterprise Journal

The Spring 2022 issue of the DevOps Enterprise Journal features a diverse range of DevOps learnings from the industry’s brightest practitioners and thought leaders.

IT Revolution is the leading publisher of DevOps content, and recently featured two articles by Copado employees in their annual journal. DevOps for Salesforce and Other Low Code Platforms by Andrew Davis is IT Revolution’s first published piece on the unique challenges of DevOps for low code platforms. Flow Engineering by Steve Pereira and Andrew Davis describes a unique and simple way for teams to get started with practices like value stream management.

Dive into this collection of guidance papers from the 2021 DevOps Enterprise Summits in the US and the UK to see the tools and best practices that are revolutionizing the digital landscape and empowering leaders to deploy software faster. Papers included in this issue:

  • DevOps for Salesforce and other Low-Code Platforms
  • How to Misuse & Abuse DORA Metrics
  • Don’t Just Survive Your Audit, Thrive in It!
  • Value Stream Management and Organizing Around Value
  • Flow Engineering
  • Model Lifecycle Management at Continental Tires
  • How Google SRE and Developers Collaborate