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Three Takeaways from COPA Community Day

After taking part in the inaugural COPA Community Day last year, I was excited to participate, learn and network with my fellow Copado Community members again this year. COPA Community Day celebrates all the community members, mentors, champions and allies who are always ready to help others in the advancement of their DevOps journeys. It was lovely to hear the stories from my fellow Copado Champions on how they’re innovating and helping their customers get the best value. The day was packed with several insightful sessions on all things DevOps like automation with robotic testing, Copado Data Deploy, Rollback, DevSecOps, Pull Requests and several others! To wrap up the event, we celebrated the Innovation Award Ceremony that recognized DevOps heroes who significantly helped the Copado Community in their own ways. 

To no surprise, the event was packed with key learnings and insights.  Here are my three biggest takeaways from COPA Community Day.

1. The Copado Community is Growing and Members are as Close as Ever 

I’m amazed to see how much the Copado Community has grown over the years and surprisingly it is still as tight knit as ever. I had joined the Copado Community as a Mentee years ago, gained knowledge and exposure on the tool and joined as a Mentor in the next cohort. I have been a mentor for around half a dozen cohorts now and I’m also a Copado Champion. I love participating in these programs because I get to fast-track my learning while building amazing connections!

Community Day made me even more excited to see how the Copado Community has grown. Members showed up to support each other and provide insight throughout the event. Everyone was super interactive and engaging. They asked a lot of questions throughout the conference that the staff answered happily. I’m sure most of the first time attendees will eventually become an active part of our community.

2. Copado DevOps Exchange Brings More Value to Copado

The highlight of the day for me was the Copado DevOps Exchange Demo Jam where four DevOps Exchange listings, Centro, Elements.Cloud, DigitSec and OwnBackup showed how they’re solving major business issues. It was a nice, friendly battle that helped everyone learn more about their products and Elements.Cloud emerged as the winner based upon public voting. You can view all the Demo Jam Sessions here.

DevOps Exchange was introduced a few months back and it already has more than 50 solutions listed on it! It is an excellent marketplace of SaaS apps that allows you to build and share solutions with everyone. I’m sure some of these solutions would give rise to future startup unicorns too!

3. The Magic of Copado Data Deploy

I found the breakout session by Kevin Schenk and Sean Blakeney on Copado Data Deploy to be extremely useful and well structured. They explained about the importance of Data Templates and also how to migrate relational data between different orgs using the solution through a demo. They discussed the challenges they faced and how they were able to solve those through Copado Data Deploy. This gave us all really good insights into an actual customer use case and business scenario. Catch the session here.

All in all, I had an amazing time attending COPA Community Day and networking and learning from other members of the Copado Community who share my passion for advancing DevOps. I was inspired by the many stories of fellow community members innovating and providing value to their customers. The sessions were filled with valuable information on various aspects of DevOps, and I appreciated the hands-on workshops that helped me gain new skills. I’m looking forward to next year and what’s to come in the Community! 

About The Author

I am a Copado Champion and Copado Mentor. I’m working at Salesforce in Commerce Cloud space, where I have developed a deep passion and respect for the company, its products and values. As a mentor with various organizations such as Salesforce, Deloitte, Copado, MuleSoft, Standard Bank, etc, I actively promote knowledge sharing and regularly participate in Copado and Salesforce conferences and events. I have taken around 60 sessions on all things Salesforce in the last financial year and I’m a Trailblazer Guide and Citizen Philanthropy Council Lead for India at Salesforce. I’m a 4X Ranger, I hold certifications in Salesforce, MuleSoft, Copado, and Microsoft Azure. I am also pursuing an Executive MBA in International Business from IIFT Delhi. Speaking at events and conferences and helping others achieve their goals in the Salesforce and Copado ecosystem is something I love to do, which is all apart from my regular job. 

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