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Copado Collaborates with IBM to Accelerate Digital Transformation Projects on the Salesforce Platform

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Alliance will combine IBM’s DevOps experience with Copado’s award-winning DevOps Platform to power the world’s largest digital transformations and maximize ROI


Chicago – May 25, 2021Copado, a leading DevOps platform enabling the world’s largest digital transformations on Salesforce, today announced it has been working on a strategic alliance with IBM under an agreement signed earlier this year. IBM Global Business Services’ DevOps solutions will be combined with Copado’s DevOps technology to accelerate digital transformation projects on the Salesforce platform. The alliance is designed to help IBM clients maximize the return on their Salesforce investments and improve time-to-value.

“Now more than ever, companies are modernizing their business to deliver customer-focused digital products and services, and platforms like Salesforce are at the heart of this transformation. With Copado, we’re leveraging market-leading tools to help our Salesforce clients successfully manage a highly complex development organization, enabling our work with clients to be executed faster,” said Matt Candy, Global Managing Partner, IBM iX & Customer Transformation, at IBM. “This collaboration brings together Copado with our IBM Garage methodology, for Salesforce, allowing start-up like ways of working and the ability to scale it for the enterprise so we can help deliver fast releases, in complex environments, with high quality.”

With this alliance, IBM will offer customers a Salesforce DevOps solution consisting of the Copado DevOps 360 suite configured with IBM’s development framework founded on agile principles, DevOps, governance and enablement.

“Salesforce is the platform of choice for accelerating digital transformation. These cloud deployments are often heavily staffed and highly complex, requiring the right people, processes and technology, from a DevOps perspective, to provide development efficiency and agility,” said Rip Gerber, President and Chief Business Officer of Copado. “IBM’s DevOps skills and development framework together with Copado’s award-winning DevOps technology helps provide the efficiencies to maximize the return on our customers’ digital transformation investment.”

The telecommunications media and entertainment industry is one of the first industry verticals where IBM and Copado have partnered together to deliver value to clients.

“IBM and Copado streamlined our largest transformation program on the Salesforce platform. Most importantly, we look forward to achieving real business results as our program progresses from mobile towards quad play,” said Mariángeles Krawec, IT Operation and Datacenter Director at Telecom Argentina. “Now we have full visibility across the end-to-end DevOps cycle, automotive delivery pipelines, resulting in deployments that go live ten times faster than before.”

Developing on the low-code Salesforce platform requires a different approach to DevOps than general-purpose DevOps tools support. Embracing modern agile development principles, Copado supports a well-structured, highly-automated development process specifically designed for Salesforce, eliminating the time and cost of building custom DevOps tooling.

Copado is redefining how to achieve success on the Salesforce platform with its data-driven approach to delivering faster, higher quality releases and improving trust. Salesforce leads the market in digital transformation, and the technical sophistication and deployment agility of the customer and partner delivery teams is now mission critical to the CIO. Organizations that implement DevOps best practices have been shown to deploy more often, fail less often and recover faster. Copado’s data-driven approach to DevOps aligns with IBM’s methodology for helping clients achieve continuous DevOps process improvement.

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About Copado

Copado is the leading DevOps platform enabling the world’s largest digital transformations in the cloud. Backed by Insight Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, Copado accelerates cloud deployments, simplifies the release process, increases developer productivity, automates security and compliance, and maximizes return on cloud investments. Copado DevOps 360™ includes Value Planning, Continuous Delivery, Automated Testing, Security and Compliance. More than 1,000 companies rely on Copado to drive digital transformation with speed, quality and value including Boston Scientific, Coca-Cola, Fair Trade, Linde, MassMutual, Schneider Electric and Shell. Copado processes over 50 million DevOps transactions per month and is rated with a 100% score on the Salesforce AppExchange. More information can be found at:

About IBM

To learn more about IBM Global Business Services, please visit:

About Telecom Argentina

Telecom Argentina is a leading telecommunications and entertainment company in Argentina with more than 23,000 employees. Through an innovative ecosystem of applications and platforms, provides services, content and connectivity on all devices, and continues to transform the digital experience of its 29 million customers. The company offers a safe, flexible and dynamic service to individuals, companies and governments throughout the country. 

Telecom is also present with mobile telephony in Paraguay and pay television in Uruguay. 

For more information:

Más info: / Instagram (@TelecomArg) / Linkedin  (

The client examples cited are presented for illustrative purposes only. Actual performance results may vary depending on specific configurations and operating conditions.

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Copado Collaborates with IBM to Accelerate Digital Transformation Projects on the Salesforce Platform
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