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How Macmillan Learning has reached new levels of innovation with Copado


Company Name: Macmillan Learning
Date: July 2020

Prior to Copado, the Macmillan team suffered slow releases with a lot of manual and repetitive work. Their DevOps process needed version control, collaboration and automation tools. See how Copado’s DevOps solution helped align the team and increased release velocity.

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Macmillan Learning

Increased Release Velocity

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“Copado is very easy to use and when fully setup will save several days of of cost and effort across all sandboxes to production.”

-Niljan M.  | Sr. Manager

“Best Deployment Tool, Better UI, Faster, Intelligent.”

-Venkata Nagaraja Rao  | Application Architect

“Copado is the best tool I have seen to date for Salesforce Deployment.”

-Anand G.  | Lead Consultant, Appirio


“Copado is a great platform and tool. There is no more possibility for the wrong code to go to production.”

-Prafulla J.


“Incredibly fast release management that is well worth the investment.”

-Cristina Migles Schmitt  | Software Development Manager, MagMutual


"Best out there. Hands down. There is nothing to dislike...Do it. Your future self will thank you.”

-J. Benjamin Lyne  | Director of Technical Consulting, Salesforce


“Excellent tool to deploy and user friendly.”

-Suresh K.  | Developer, NTT Data


“Implementing Copado has been a game changer for our mutual client! Truly able to realize continuous delivery! The time savings is absolutely quantifiable!”

-Rebecca T. |  Company President


“Copado helps us advance our salesforce build”

“We have a lot of admins, developers and business analysts who can all work together in Copado to track and contribute to changes, as well as make sure what is being released to production is accurate.”

-Luke Cushanick  |  Salesforce Admin  |  2U, Inc.

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