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Beverages Without Bugs: 3X Faster Releases for Pernod Ricard

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Beverage Brands
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About the company

Pernod Ricard manages an extensive portfolio of premium beverage brands — from Absolut Vodka and Jameson Irish Whiskey to Perrier-Jouët Champagne and Martell Cognac. Headquartered in the heart of Paris, this publicly traded spirit seller can trace its roots back to an eighteenth-century absinthe distillery in Switzerland. Today, Pernod Ricard has acquired 240 beverage brands and operates a global supply chain across every continent except Antarctica.

Table of contents

See how this global beverage brand leveraged Copado’s cloud-native DevOps Platform to unleash quality Salesforce releases at the enterprise scale.

Results with Copado


Faster Time-to-Market


Cloud Apps without Bugs


Pipeline Visibility


Deployments Without Any Disruption

The Challenge

Before Copado, Pernod Ricard was chained to a different DevOps solution that delivered a tangled web of weak tools. Pernod Ricard’s release managers were forced to complete a litany of manual steps in order to scale Salesforce deployments — from uploading data to spinning up scratch orgs to committing changes. Even worse, Salesforce functionality would often break at the worst possible time for sales reps in the field. Pernod Ricard knew it was time to move on to a different DevOps solution, and they started researching Copado to see if it could solve their deployment headaches.

Finding a Smarter Way to Scale Salesforce Deployments

Pernod Ricard wanted to regain the trust of sales reps and gain ground in the beverage marketplace by reducing time-to-market and deploying faster without business disruption. After reading hundreds of pages of documentation and watching dozens of demos, Marcelo earned his Copado certification and took the plunge.

Key Challenges

The Solution

After implementing Copado, Pernod Ricard is reaping the benefits of user story-centric development and a streamlined process. Pernod Ricard estimates that Copado has helped them reduce the time to market for Salesforce releases by 300%.

But speed is useless without quality — Copado also empowers Pernod Ricard to innovate 3X faster without bugs or mistakes. Today, Pernod Ricard releases three full-scale solution deployments in 20 global markets per year and also deploys minor maintenance improvements every two weeks.

The Future

Pernod Ricard’s DevOps journey is still in its infancy — but the spirit seller is on a mission to extend their deployment process and improve DevOps maturity. The next steps on Pernod Ricard’s digital transformation roadmap? Implementing Copado Robotic Testing and expanding Copado to a new Salesforce instance that leverages Consumer Goods Cloud. 

Regression testing will help them ensure new releases don’t break existing functionality, and Pernod Ricard is confident that Copado Robotic Testing will give them even more quality throughout the process.

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