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How Wiley Streamlines Developer Collaboration with Copado


Company Name: John Wiley
Date: Jan 2020

John Wiley was searching to truly maximize and capitalize on their Salesforce investment.

“John Wiley wanted to not only get a tool but also adopt a true DevOps process and strategy. So when evaluating tools, Copado stood out as it gave us both the delivery side and the DevOps piece as well.”

-Steve Lyons | Director of CRM Delivery, Wiley

Scale Effectively with Copado DevOps

Copado: The #1 Complete CI/CD DevOps Tool for Salesforce


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Increased User Satisfaction

“Through Copado we have enforced quality and stability right away from our sandbox all the way through to production.”

Steve Lyons

Director of CRM Delivery, Wiley

The Challenge

John Wiley started using Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM Platform back in 2009 in their Australian organization. Through their use and evangelization, it got adopted by the US team in 2010. The company was eager to utilize Salesforce as they saw vast improvements in their business due to its implementation. This morphed into lines of business creating their own instances, which quickly became difficult to manage. They subsequently decided on the need to consolidate the six instances back into one single instance. Although this provided some initial relief, John Wiley felt that there were still very much on a journey to be able to truly maximize and capitalize on their Salesforce investment.

Their release process was entirely dependent on changesets, which required lots of manual intervention and effort. This meant that conflicts were often missed, and with no central source of truth or version control, teammates found themselves negatively impacting each other, which would, in turn, result in the need to stop everything that was in development and manually intervene and rebuild. As the complexity in innovation grew, the conflicts rising along with it became worse. Each conflict would cause a delay in deployments and a decrease in release velocity, as well as an increase in frustration across the teams as countless people’s effort and time was being squandered. The team knew this could not go on and that something needed to change in order to be able to scale efficiently.

The Solution

A little over a year ago, John Wiley decided they needed to invest in a DevOps solution. After evaluating several vendors, they ultimately settled on Copado, the #1 native DevOps solution for Salesforce. John Wiley decided to go with Copado because it was the only tool that gave them both the delivery side and the DevOps process as well.

“Seeing how Copado makes the process easy from a developer’s point of view, eliminating the need for hours and hours of training and extensive knowledge of GitHub, source code repositories and more makes their lives that much easier and allows them to focus on details of what they’re developing” – Steve Lyons, Director of CRM Delivery

By saving time on training, developers, admins, and release managers were able to spend time focusing on details of their new innovation. Conflicts now get immediately reviewed, tested and signed off, all within a matter of hours. This is a drastic increase compared to the process before Copado when everything required manual intervention resulting in the loss of countless hours and days spent resolving. By having complete visibility across the entire pipeline, teams are now able to…

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