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How Macmillan Learning has reached new levels of innovation with Copado


Company Name: Macmillan Learning
Date: July 2020

Prior to Copado, the Macmillan team suffered slow releases with a lot of manual and repetitive work. Their DevOps process needed version control, collaboration and automation tools. See how Copado’s DevOps solution helped align the team and increased release velocity.

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“Now, everyone is working on the same sprint, on the same features at the same time and there are no conflicts. It makes planning and scheduling so much easier. The team also has time to focus and come up with more creative and optimal solutions for our stakeholders.”

Rachel Zamora

Salesforce Admin, Macmillan Learning

The Challenge

Macmillan Learning has been on the world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce, since 2014 to run its sales, marketing and customer service operations. Although the Salesforce platform is incredibly powerful, Macmillan Learning was experiencing some issues and difficulties around its DevOps processes that were causing frustration and slowing down their release velocity and quality.

Prior to Copado, their development team of in-house admins, outsourced developers and the occasional contractor utilized multiple development streams and a myriad of sandboxes, then brought everything together through the use of changesets, individual ANT scripts and configuration. This meant a lot of manual and repetitive work, as well as error-prone deployments, causing tension and frustration. Not only did the team have to spend time manually building changesets, but they would also have to manually inspect each line of code as the sandboxes were constantly out of sync and alignment.

In addition to the manual effort due to using changesets, the team also experienced issues in regards to lack of transparency, such as overrides, lack of version control, and mistracking of metadata. As the teams were building code in their sprint, they were consistently experiencing validation issues, such as apex code not passing, or knowing which metadata was tied to which ticket….

The Solution

As Macmillan Learning evaluated multiple DevOps vendors, one stood out above the others: Copado, the #1 Native DevOps Solution for Salesforce. Macmillan Learning had already been running their business on Salesforce, so the notion of having a DevOps vendor that was built on Salesforce made a lot of sense to them. Thanks to Copado’s native functionality, the team at Macmillan Learning would avoid having to go into yet another system, and instead could manage everything directly in Salesforce. In addition, through Copado’s many integrations with third-party development tools, like JIRA, they knew it would be a much smoother transition, which meant they would be up and running in no time.

As Macmillan Learning began rolling out and using Copado, the team started to notice a lift in their DevOps process. One area that saw immediate improvement was through the use of Copado automation and collaboration features…

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