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Advanced Salesforce CPQ Features: How to Resolve Challenges Faster

brightly colored icons depict the primary salesforce cpq features

Today, buyers expect a seamless experience. To achieve this, the transactional pipeline must be fast, personalized, accurate, and efficient. One of the best tools for optimizing your B2B consumer experience is Salesforce’s Configure, Price, Quote, or Salesforce CPQ. Salesforce CPQ features are an integral part of the Salesforce Revenue Cloud, a data-unifying platform designed to streamline the revenue lifecycle. The article below will explore advanced Salesforce CPQ features and how to make the most of them through strategic testing. 

Salesforce CPQ Features

The Salesforce CPQ platform manages the entire sales funnel, from price quote to transaction finalization. As the name suggests, it’s equipped with tools for configuring products, pricing services, and automatically generating quotes. Salesforce CPQ features use AI-enabled software to give the sales team near-immediate, accurate, and personalized predictions. The following few sections take a closer look at the advanced features of Salesforce CPQ in categorical order. 


The primary goal of the configuration tools in Salesforce CPQ is to equip every representative in your organization with expert-level sales knowledge. For example, the Guided Selling wizard allows you to customize configuration rules. This allows every employee to personalize their formulae for any sales scenario. Representatives will be able to bundle products and services quickly with the confidence of guaranteed compliance. 


When your sales team provides clients with price predictions, they need to be accurate. Otherwise, your company’s profits and reputation are at risk. The Salesforce CPQ features for pricing aim to streamline all pricing and discounting processes. Representatives at your organization can model customized deal scenarios and input guidelines to accelerate deal execution. Fast and fact-checked pricing on-the-spot can also eliminate bottlenecks in the approval process. 


Some of the most innovative Salesforce CPQ features are its quote generation tools. Contract creation can be complicated, especially when you have to follow branding guidelines and legal requirements. Through Salesforce CPQ features, your team gains access to:

  • Pre-built templates
  • Product literature libraries
  • Dynamic terms and conditions data

Generating strategically aligned quotes doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Salesforce CPQ equips representatives with the tools they need to focus on duties that require human judgment⁠ — like building a connection with clients. 

Optimizing Your Salesforce CPQ Testing Methods

Salesforce is the #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Its dynamic elements and high-level customizability have the power to streamline cross-departmental business processes with relative ease. However, the same features that make Salesforce CPQ so easy to use can also make it more challenging to test. The best way to minimize stumbling blocks in the Salesforce testing process is to use the proper tools. Although many testing tools may be compatible with Salesforce, they can’t all deliver the same scope of coverage. 84% of teams are still relying at least partially on manual testing, which prevents them from achieving comprehensive test coverage. Here are a few of the most critical elements to consider when assembling your CPQ testing toolkit:

  • Low-code capabilities. Maintaining test cases and implementing changes via text-based design means that anyone can contribute, regardless of technical expertise. 
  • Out-of-the-box building blocks. Copado Robotic Testing allows users to leverage Copado’s Salesforce testing library for maximum productivity across Classic and Lightning versions. 
  • Simple test case conversion. Your team should be able to streamline manual workflows by translating them into automated test executions. 
  • Parallel testing. CPQ testing workflows can be tedious, especially in enterprise-level companies with complex infrastructures. Salesforce testing solutions like Copado Robotic Testing deploy bots for parallel testing that can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.