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How Optima Tax Relief is Delivering more Business Value with Copado

1,100% Faster Salesforce Deployments for Optima Tax Relief | Copado DevOps

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Optima Tax Relief needed to scale their Salesforce platform yesterday. Deploying updates across 12 sandboxes and production orgs was causing headaches. Manual deployments were taking forever. Manual testing and merges were leading to quality issues.

Copado DevOps: Cloud-Native Version Control

Optima implemented Copado to leverage auto-merge version control and so much more. Copado’s native Salesforce platform enabled Optima to achieve continuous delivery. Copado DevOps has helped Optima:

  • Decrease Individual deployment time from 2-3 hours to less than 15 minutes.

  • Release 75% fewer errors upstream thanks to automation and quality gates.

  • Eliminate critical business downtime.