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Steering Vueling to 400% More Salesforce Releases

Vueling uses Copado to unlock 400% more Salesforce releases, risk-free deployments and 360 customer views. Discover how this low-cost airline leverages the power of low-code DevOps!

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Based in Barcelona, Vueling flies passengers across Europe, Africa and the Middle East at affordable rates. But under the hood, Vueling’s Salesforce developers were beset by three issues that threatened to diminish the airline’s online booking experience: siloed teams, change set deployments and disconnected tools. If only this low-cost airline knew a low-code DevOps solution that could deliver the goods…

The Solution: Unlocking End-to-End Visibility with Copado

Vueling rolled out Copado to infuse end-to-end visibility into their Salesforce release cycle and unite pro-code and low-code developers. Outcomes with Copado include:

  • 4X increase in Salesforce releases
  • 1-2 week software release cycle
  • Quality gates and seamless deployments
  • 360 customer views
  • Multi-cloud implementation