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Ramping Up Digital Document Transformation for Conga | Copado

Digital Document Transformation (DDX) developer Conga needed a smarter way to innovate on Salesforce. Copado DevOps helped them save time and speed deployments.

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Conga, the leader in end-to-end Digital Document Transformation (DDX), had an inefficient Salesforce development cycle. Changesets lacked visibility or version control, teams spent countless hours troubleshooting errors and code was constantly being overwritten.

Saving Time and Resources with Salesforce-Native DevOps

Conga leverages Copado to automate changes, eliminate tedious manual work and provide governance through version control and transparency. This bolsters the DDX enterprise with version control and a single source of truth.

Higher Quality DDX Innovation with Copado

Conga went from releasing through a painful, manual process to a quick, efficient and scalable automated release process — adding countless hours and dollars back into Conga’s pocket.