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5 Reasons Why Copado = Less Divorces for Developers

Improving the lives of delivery teams and their families — one release at a time.

“25% of software developers report working over their hours each week in the run up to a release.”   - BlueOptima 

In the fast-paced world of software development, finding a balance between work and personal life can be as tricky as debugging complex code. Long hours and late nights can make you feel like you’re married to your job. Stressful deployments and painful production errors can strain relationships and sow the seeds of divorce.  

So how do you bring harmony back to your home life without taking a step back from your career? 

With Copado, you can be a coding genius and still have time for long walks on the beach, picnics in the park and all the “You just had to be there” moments that make relationships blossom. Here are five ways our DevOps Platform keeps couples together around the world. 

1. Trade coding marathons for movie marathons

Say goodbye to late-night coding and debugging sessions. Say hello to cozy movie nights.

Copado accelerates the development process, eliminates tedious manual tasks and reduces the risk of errors. Our AI-powered test automation tool — Copado Robotic Testing — helps development teams catch 300% more production bugs and test code 10X faster. 


Ever been in a one-sided relationship? Communication is the key to a healthy dynamic — whether it's with your significant other or your development team. 

With features like user stories, agile dashboards and Kanban boards, Copado makes it easy for teams to get on the same page and unlock 2X greater productivity. Writing your partner a love note before you leave the house is a great way to keep the spark alive. Likewise, sharing project updates and progress reports with your teammates is a great way to boost morale and keep everyone on the same page as you work toward a common goal. 

3. Build trust in your code and your relationship

Every lasting relationship is built on a bedrock of trust. Broken promises lead to breakups. And broken functionality leads to unhappy customers and lost business. That’s why Copado integrates quality checks and automated compliance into the development process — helping teams achieve 78% fewer app failures. With Copado, you can deploy with confidence and keep your code as rock-solid as a diamond ring and a lifetime of commitment. 

4. Partner with robots to rAIse your relationship game

Everyone needs a partner to navigate life’s challenges. With features like Copado Robotic Testing and automated testing frameworks, you can automate regression tests 5X faster and achieve 34X more test coverage. Think of Copado AI as your teammate who tackles the mundane tasks — leaving you free to focus on writing code and planning your next date night (you can’t go wrong with flowers and a candlelit dinner). 

5. Save your relationship with a DevOps counselor

Copado makes it easy to be a superhero at work and at home. With low-code automation, end-to-end collaboration and the power of AI, you can be a super-productive developer, a romantic partner and an attentive parent — at the same time. 

Ready to walk the tightrope between your work and personal life? Schedule a 1:1 demo with our DevOps experts to see how you can save time, save stress and even save your relationship!