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Best End-to-End Testing Framework for Cloud Applications: What to Consider

four clouds with various software testing icons on them represent the best end to end testing framework

Imagine the best end-to-end testing framework, then pause for a moment to reflect. Which components were first to enter your mind? You likely prioritized elements like low-maintenance test environments or reusable code. Compatibility may have come into play depending on the scripting language your company uses. Although you have a general idea of your ideal framework, it can be tough to determine which one comes closest to covering all your bases. Below, Copado explores one of the best testing frameworks for cloud applications.

Which is the best end-to-end testing framework for my company?

Your technical requirements fluctuate based on several factors — like the size of your organization and the industry to which it belongs. Ultimately, the answer to "which is the best end-to-end testing framework" is that it will look different for every company. But that doesn't quite cut it, so let's explore a few questions that can help guide your decision-making process:

  • Where do my testing priorities lie? If your company needs the best end-to-end testing framework for user experience (UX) testing, you can eliminate the options that fall short in that category.
  • Do I need to ensure my framework is compatible with specific tools? If your company uses behavior-driven development (BDD) tools like Cucumber, you'll need a testing framework that integrates with them seamlessly.
  • How many resources can we dedicate to a testing framework? Suppose your company wants to use a low-cost framework that doesn't require heavy maintenance. In that case, open-source should be a priority. 

Top Testing Framework for Cloud Applications

After a compare-and-contrast of the top testing frameworks on the market, we concluded that Robot Framework was the most universally beneficial testing framework. It has the capability to satisfy each of the requirements above, making it an excellent choice for most enterprise-level businesses. In the next few sections, we’ll take a closer look at the functionalities, challenges, and most noteworthy aspects of Robot Framework for cloud applications. 

Why Robot Framework?

Like Selenium, Robot Framework is well established. It’s known for a few things, like its inbuilt tools, plentiful APIs, and high-level compatibility with the Selenium WebDriver library. Its coverage is impressive, allowing users to write integration, unit, or end-to-end tests. Robot Framework is the best end-to-end testing framework for DevOps-savvy companies because it introduces transparency to the test writing process by using human-readable keywords. 

Biggest Challenges of Robot Framework 

Robot Framework may need the support of another testing solution like Copado Robotic Testing for parallel test execution. The maintenance workload may be larger than other frameworks, but an automation solution minimizes the need for manual upkeep. Its close relationship with Selenium can create a learning curve for those unfamiliar with it. However, all digital transformations require adaptation. 

Noteworthy Features of Robot Framework

A few of the most notable features of Robot Framework include:

  • Expansive libraries
  • Open source
  • Portable code
  • Generation of detailed reports about each line executed in the test case for extreme traceability
  • Includes reporting features such as automatic screenshots to document test case failures.
  • Compatible with several programming languages such as Python, Jython, IronPython.

How to Make the Most of Your Testing Framework

Building your own test automation framework from scratch is okay, but partnering with an open-source testing framework is better. If you're truly looking for the best end-to-end testing framework, you must accompany it with the proper testing solution. Our dream team is Copado Robotic Testing and Robot Framework. Robot Framework has the ease-of-use and flexibility that modern businesses require to keep a competitive edge.

Nonetheless, no framework is perfect. The consensus seems to be that maintenance is the biggest thing holding Robot Framework back. Copado Robotic Testing addresses this drawback through advanced AI and machine learning techniques like self-healing for broken tests and quality prediction for upcoming releases. In other words, it’s a match made in test automation heaven.

Copado Robotic Testing pairs with the best end-to-end testing framework to help companies optimize their processes. But don’t take it from us. Read the case study on how we helped one of the top forestry manufacturers reduce 24 hours of manual testing work into just 30 minutes of automated test executions.