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Seamless User Story Deployments for Schneider Electric | Copado

Copado solved merge conflicts and version control for Schneider Electric — enabling weekly Salesforce releases and easy deployments of 100 user stories.

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Schneider Electric delivers digital energy management and automation solutions around the world. But the organization needed a cloud-native DevOps solution to make the most of its Salesforce investment.

Erasing Developer Pain Points with Copado DevOps

Enter Copado. By serving as a code repository, providing version control and fusing code to user stories, Copado cut down on errors and made it easier for team members to stay on the same page. The software also allowed the team to sync and deploy to multiple environments with a few clicks.

Whipping Up 100s of User Stories in 1-2 Hours

Today, Schneider Electric is equipped to release every three weeks through its regular sprint cycle. The team can prepare 100 user stories for validation in a couple of hours — and deploy them the next day.


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