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Bi-Weekly Salesforce Releases for MacMillan Learning | Copado

Learn how Copado helped transform a pipe dream of releasing bi-weekly into a reality for MacMillan Learning.

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MacMillan Learning uses Salesforce to develop educational materials for high school students across the US. But the development team was struggling to meet their bi-weekly release goal due to Change Sets, a lack of transparency and bugs found by QA. Challenges include:

  • Lack of version control and quality control
  • Out-of-sync sandboxes
  • Overrides and mistracked metadata

Ramping Up Release Velocity via DevOps

Thanks to Copado’s Salesforce-native functionality, the team at MacMillan Learning didn’t have to learn yet another system — they could manage everything directly in Salesforce.

Unleashing the Power of DevOps Automation

Copado’s automation and collaboration features reduced the need for manual intervention and code creation and helped MacMillan Learning meet their bi-weekly release goal.