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Travel & Leisure Co. - Ramping Up Salesforce Development with Copado DevOps

Travel + Leisure Co. is the world’s leading membership and leisure travel company, with nearly 20 travel brands. Learn how this enterprise leveraged Copado to speed up its development lifecycle.

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Ramping Up Salesforce Development for Travel + Leisure Co.

Travel + Leisure Co. is a multi-billion dollar timeshare company with a portfolio of nearly 20 resort and travel brands — including Wyndham Destinations, Panorama and Travel + Leisure Group. Learn how this enterprise leveraged Copado to speed up its development lifecycle.

  • 32x Faster Releases (8 hours to 15 minutes)
  • 100 User Stories Deployed in a Single Change
  • 23 Salesforce Developers using Copado in 2 Orgs

Travel + Leisure Co. at a Glance:

  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Headquarters: Orlando, FL
  • Size: 22,500 Employees


Accelerate Salesforce deployments and eliminate pipeline bottlenecks with an enterprise-grade CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) tool.


Copado provides Travel + Leisure Co. with an all-in-one DevOps tool for both developers and admins — driving Salesforce development speed, quality and ROI.

"One of the reasons we bought Copado was that it made profile management easier for our teams"

- Matt Mays, Senior Salesforce Administrator, Travel + Leisure Co


The Challenge: Taking the Pain Out of Release Days

Travel + Leisure implemented Salesforce Service Cloud to power personalized customer experiences for 850,000 property owners across 245+ locations. But the organization’s development teams had a tough time managing profiles natively within Salesforce and executing deployments using change sets. In addition, low-code admins struggled to learn the command line in Jenkins and ended up stepping on the toes of developers.

“We used individual change sets for each change because it gets too complex when you try to coordinate multiple changes in a single change set,” says Matt Mays, Senior Salesforce Administrator at Travel + Leisure Co.  “That created an enormous amount of work and slowed things down.”

As a result, Travel + Leisure ended up manually deploying profiles and often spent hours on a single profile. Every week, it took the dev team an entire day (full of headaches and hiccups) to deploy a release.


The Solution: Leveraging the Best CI/CD Tool on the Market

Travel + Leisure joined forces with Copado to streamline its CI/CD pipeline and simplify its release process. Our DevOps solution gives the company end-to-end visibility of user stories — helping the dev team eliminate potential problems before they even get to release day. From airtight schedules across the stack to source-code backup to push-button deployment, Copado makes it easy for developers and admins to collaborate within the same system.


The Results: 15-Minute Software Releases

Today, Travel + Leisure’s Salesforce development lifecycle is lightning-fast and friction-free. With Copado, the dev team can bundle up to 100 user stories in a single change and deploy them in one shot — saving massive amounts of time and effort.

Instead of taking a whole day to get deployments across the finish line, each release takes just 15 minutes. And instead of battling with change sets and command line capabilities, Travel + Leisure’s developers and admins can focus on innovation and personalization.

“Our goal was to define a structured development process to enhance our customer journey."

- Matt Mays, Senior Salesforce Administrator, Travel + Leisure Co