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Faster Development + Fewer Errors for Zen Internet | Copado DevOps

Learn how Copado helped Zen Internet meet their Vlocity goals while navigating the challenges of COVID-19.

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Zen Internet needed a DevOps solution to inject speed, structure and quality control into a chaotic Salesforce development environment. Enter Copado.

Centralized Production Environment and Work Documentation

Copado helped Zen solidify their pipeline and get all their changes and documentation into a single environment before they go upstream — enabling a predictable weekly release cycle.

Salesforce Change Set Efficiency

Zen now has full traceability and can roll back releases if needed. Copado has also enabled Zen to dramatically reduce their fail rate.

Continuous Integration + Continuous Delivery

With Copado by their side, Zen plans to achieve a true CI/CD dev cycle and hopes to leverage automation across software testing and the back-populating of environments after a release.