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Copado Solves Every Deployment Challenge for Cybersecurity Leader F5

F5 partners with the world’s largest organizations to optimize and secure every app and API. This multi-cloud security and application delivery firm fights cybercrime and solves supply chain delays for companies on the forefront of the digital future.

Under the hood, F5 leverages Salesforce to scale end-to-end transformation. However, the company’s developers were forced to spend precious hours on tedious and time-consuming deployments instead of building valuable features for users.

Solving Deployment Challenges for F5 with Salesforce DevOps

In this video, watch how F5 partners with Copado to increase release frequency and improve quality of life. Three technical leaders from F5 explain why they chose Copado over the competition — and how they harness the power of this unified solution to meet deployment needs, accelerate innovation and make release days obsolete. Featuring:

  • Ranganatha Ambuga Sheshadri, Director of Engineering, F5
  • Harsha Desai, Principal SRE, F5
  • Sreenath Gopal, Senior Architect, Technology Services, F5