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Building on the ServiceNow Testing Framework for End-to-End Coverage

DevOps team using the ServiceNow Testing Framework


Let's take a quick look at why end-to-end testing coverage is essential to the user experience. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer trying to make an online purchase but unable to click the purchase button or submit a credit card for processing.

Or, even worse, imagine you’re employed by a huge corporation and you cannot initiate a service incident. How will you immediately contact IT if you get stuck and need to handle a significant technical issue?

All ServiceNow users can quickly generate an incident ticket. Still, to prevent service disruptions, someone from the company side will need to be assigned to handle the problem on the back end.

End-to-end testing, which tests all workflow processes across multiple systems like Jira, Now, SAP, and Salesforce, is necessary to ensure components across all customer and employee touchpoints are working.

This post will discuss the benefits of combining the ServiceNow testing framework with Copado Robotic Testing. Further, we will also include some helpful advice on extending testing beyond the Now platform's capabilities to accomplish true end-to-end testing.

The ServiceNow Testing Framework

The Now Platform's free ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF) plugin enables customers to create and use various tools in sub-production environments. This out-of-the-box app allows developers and testers to test functionalities in ServiceNow.

The ATF application can improve your testing processes and the speed at which you can deliver higher-quality releases considerably. You can automate thousands of tests necessary to validate your apps, changes, and configurations using ATF.

It's important to keep in mind, though, that ATF is not a complete testing solution. When testing in complex IT environments, you'll need an end-to-end testing solution that can test your ServiceNow applications and workflows so you can verify that there are no service disruptions between applications.

ServiceNow Testing for End-to-End Coverage

Depending on the complexity of your organization's IT architecture, verifying critical business processes across applications and platforms can be extremely challenging.

End-to-end testing should recreate the user journey by testing workflows across all applications and systems from start to finish to ensure all workflows remain operational. This type of testing can be time-consuming. 

Replicating the user journey through an application or multiple applications will require testers to create and run thousands of tests. Further, these tests can break and require maintenance. In some cases, test maintenance can require resources and skills that a company lacks in-house.

We’ve listed a few testing tips to make testing your ServiceNow business flows more effective:

  • Identify business-critical processes, applications, and workflows
  • Create test cases that focus on critical workflows
  • Use ATF to create quickstart tests for ServiceNow upgrades
  • Use ATF to create and run automated tests
  • Prioritize detecting issues associated with subsystems or integrations
  • Introduce advanced testing tools that enable automated testing across complex, disparate systems like SAP, Salesforce, and Jira
  • Create end-to-end tests for deployments, integrations, and customizations

Using ServiceNow with advanced testing solutions, like Copado Robotic Testing, will allow you to extend testing far beyond what the native framework can handle to achieve complete end-to-end coverage. 

Copado’s Solution for ServiceNow End-to-End Testing

Each year, ServiceNow typically introduces two new release families. To stay on a supported release, you will need to upgrade roughly once yearly. ServiceNow adds new UIs, apps, and functionality with each release. You’ll need to test your business-critical processes to ensure they continue running after these modifications.

Adopting an automated testing solution that will increase test coverage and enable you to take every ServiceNow upgrade will be beneficial for businesses already using the Now platform with other systems or apps or with extensive customizations and configurations.

The benefits of Copado Robotic Testing for ServiceNow include:

  • Test all Employee, Customer, IT, and Creator Workflow configurations and customizations
  • Validate your digital workflows with end-to-end testing
  • Eliminate broken tests and manual maintenance with self-healing AI
  • Open-source API integrations
  • Reduce ServiceNow regression testing efforts for all upgrades
  • Test across different apps, interfaces, and systems — even mobile

A low-code automated testing solution like Copado Robotic Testing will enable your testing team to run tests ten times faster, with 34 times more test coverage and 90% less maintenance.

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In fast-developing IT landscapes, the end-to-end testing of critical business processes will be required to support the user experience fully. Copado Robotic Testing can help users perform quality-driven testing for all-digital workflows, regardless of scale or complexity.

Copado’s low-code cloud-based and AI-powered solutions will enable you to expand test coverage, boost competitive advantage, and deliver continuous quality for all ServiceNow releases.