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ServiceNow Automated Testing Supports Business-Critical Workflows

ServiceNow Automated Testing Process


On the Now platform, every repetitive and manual business process has the potential to be transformed into an automated workflow. All business processes are called workflows and these kinds of automations have nearly limitless possibilities.

However, once ServiceNow upgrades occur, your QA team will be responsible for verifying that all business-critical workflows and customizations remain functional. Testing new features and functionalities will also be necessary to ensure they work as expected.

This blog post will look at how ServiceNow automated testing supports different business workflows and why testing is so important. We'll also discuss why companies using the Now platform will require a reliable end-to-end testing solution capable of supporting complex and custom processes and integrations.

How ServiceNow Automated Testing Supports Business-Critical Workflows

When a QA team doesn’t perform thorough ServiceNow testing, bugs can be pushed into production, resulting in reputation damage and revenue loss. An effective QA testing strategy should support and test all common and business-critical workflows on the ServiceNow platform.


IT Workflows

ServiceNow enables organizations to digitize operations throughout their business by automating and connecting workflows across functions and critical business systems. These workflows will maximize the value of IT investments, reduce operational silos, and increase business agility.

In addition to ensuring these business-critical workflows remain operational, automated testing of your IT workflows will:

  • Improve IT performance and security.
  • Enhance and refine IT workflows.
  • Identify and fix issues faster than with manual testing.

Employee Workflows

The Now platform can improve the employee experience (EX) and boost productivity by automating complicated cross-departmental employee journeys, such as re-boarding furloughed employees and directing workflow throughout an organization.

In addition to ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box features for EX, the App Engine provides the ability to create additional custom employee workflows. Automated testing of your employee workflows will:

  • Ensure business-critical employee workflows are functional.
  • Enhance efficiency of business-critical employee procedures.
  • Assist in the administration of employee management.

Customer Workflows

The Now platform makes it possible to create exceptional customer service experiences in competitive markets with ever-increasing consumer demands. After evaluating personnel, procedures, and tools, customer workflows are implemented to guarantee that front-office customer contact points are linked to the back office and all other teams.

In addition to ensuring these business-critical customer workflows are functional, automated testing of your customer workflows will:

  • Determine if customer workflows are up-to-date and accommodate customer demands.
  • Analyze the performance and effectiveness of customer workflows.
  • Assist in preventing issues and bugs from making it into production.

Creator Workflows

ServiceNow introduced creator workflows to enable both citizen and professional developers with varying skill levels to build apps fast with a low-code platform. Use the ServiceNow platform to build the applications you need and deliver them across your organization. Ready-to-use apps will accelerate digitalization.

In addition to ensuring creator workflows are functional, automated testing of these workflows will:

  • Check the quality and efficiency of creator workflows.
  • Ensure both customer and employee satisfaction with apps.
  • Assist in the achievement of developer goals.


Limitations of the Automated Testing Framework (AFT)

Customers using the Now platform receive access to ServiceNow's Automated Testing Framework (AFT). ATF is available at no additional charge, and it's an effective automated testing tool that can expand test coverage and ensure consistent test cycles, especially when combined with a solid testing strategy.

ServiceNow makes it easy for citizen developers to create powerful software applications, with a minimum of hand coding. However, this can quickly lead to the development of a complex IT landscape filled with custom workflows.

ServiceNow's ATF automated testing tool is excellent for testing UIs and out-of-the-box functionalities. However, customers will quickly find that as their business processes grow and become more complex, they will need an end-to-end testing solution that can handle complex IT landscapes, custom processes, and integrations.

Copado Robotic Testing for ServiceNow Workflows

In complex IT environments, locating an issue can be a time-sensitive challenge, making end-to-end testing critical for success. The best ServiceNow test strategies will include automated tools for end-to-end testing, full regression, and integration testing. 

For all common and business-critical ServiceNow workflows, consider using an AI-powered automated testing tool, like Copado Robotic Testing, to avoid unnecessary downtime and unexpected costs. 

Some benefits of Copado Robotic Testing include:

  • Simple text case conversion allows users to easily pinpoint manual workflows and translate them into automated test steps.
  • Implement and executing text-based tests. Individuals with little to no coding knowledge can easily maintain their web-based applications thanks to our low-code architecture.
  • Instantly run thousands of automated tests, increasing test coverage.
  • Test complex integrations and custom applications across multiple platforms and browsers.
  • AI-driven test automation with self-healing capabilities can identify and fix broken tests.

Make Copado Your ServiceNow Testing Solution

Digital transformation is a complex process that can affect many aspects of a company. The Now platform provides customers with near-limitless opportunities to transform manual business processes into digital workflows.

Upgrades to ServiceNow instances are required regularly. Any modification to an application, no matter how minor, can impact current functionality. It will be up to your QA team to guarantee that all customizations and business-critical workflows remain functional when changes occur.

Choosing the right testing solution for your customizations, business-critical workflows, and IT landscape will make it possible to accelerate digital transformation and ensure effective testing cycles. Copado can help you deliver your next ServiceNow experience with 10x faster testing and 90% less maintenance!